This is a blog about my journey with bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed spring of 2011 and was admitted into a mental health hospital a month before my wedding. I struggled greatly for the next year and a half going on and off meds, experimenting with different forms of therapy and was readmitted to the hospital at the end of 2012. Since then I have been learning how to re-live my life. Seeing a wise, supportive, kind therapist once a week and emerging myself into Dialectical Behavioural Therapy are 2 of many ways that are helping me recover. I have found deep comfort and much strength in mindfulness practices, taught to me from DBT.

This blog is my way of allowing you to see into the life of someone who suffers from bipolar, depression and extreme anxiety. I want to own my story, and help defeat the stigma. I hope you find some comfort in knowing you are not alone, or learn more about mental illness through the writings of my blog.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

balloons and lilies

Just wanted to share with you some cute pictures of my time with Melissa and Olivia.
They brought me these adorable polka dotted balloons, but unfortunately I wasn't allowed to keep them because of hospital safety rules I guess. I was pretty disappointed, but it was totally worth it seeing Olivia wadle around holding 4 balloons... it was hard to get a picture (you know Olivia!)

 They also brought me this HUGE piece of paper that Olivia had "drawn" (not coloured, apparently she's very adamant that colouring is for kids) for me... It's so wonderful to have something to put on my walls!

For those of you who don't know, Annie is the friend in whose wedding I was a bridesmaid in Ontario this fall! She's like my soul sister and I miss her so much. When I read the little card that said "from annie" I started sobbing because it made me miss her so much, and yet I still felt supported and loved by her. Gah, tearing up right now....
BUT AGAIN, they had to take some of the flowers out of the bouquet because someone has an allergy to lilies, but the lilies were HUGE and BEAUTIFUL and I got to stare at them for a while (unfortunately, I dont have a photo of that)

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